Fulton Industries T&T Ltd.

ASME Certified Manufacturers of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Mustapha’s Engineering, together with Fulton Enterprises Inc. of Canada, formed the company Fulton Industries T&T Ltd. This company achieved ASME Certification in February of 1999. Our pressure vessel and heat exchangers manufacturing facility is located on the IDC Industrial Estate, just off the Uriah Butler Highway in Chaguanas.

Fulton Industries T&T Limited is the only ASME Certified facility in Trinidad & Tobago, providing the manufacturing of pressure vessels and heat exchangers to ASME Section VIII  Division 1 with “U” Stamp, power boilers to ASME  Section I with “S” Stamp and repairs and alterations to NBIC with “R” Stamp.

Excellent shipping facilities, highly skilled labour force and the combined expertise of our partners, make Fulton Industries T&T Limited a most outstanding and valuable supplier of boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and skid packages both locally and internationally.